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DINGHY and CATAMARAN SAILING is a popular sport both in the Pattaya area and on some of the west-coast beaches of Phuket. One- or two-person boats can be hired from operators on the beach.
WATER-SKIING is also lots of fun, with calm high-season waters. You'll find operators stationed along some beaches in Pattaya and on Phuket. Take care when skiing where you might encounter wind-surfers or swimmers.
Water-skiing is for the high season. BODY AND BOARD SURFING is for the low-season monsoon swell coming off the Indian Ocean onto Phuket's west coast. This is not a sport for the inexperienced, however; and even the experienced will want to check with local enthusiasts to find out which beaches are best and safest at any given time.
You don't need to be a scuba diver to enjoy the remarkable marine life on Thailand's coral reefs. Astonishingly beautiful corals and fish are within easy SNORKELLING range.
0nce ashore, you have everything from golf to jungle walking to bungee-jumping at hand. To unwind afterward, you might try a traditional Thai massage. Or you could enjoy horseback riding. Or you might prefer to go out on a jungle trek in virgin rain forest. If that isn't wild enough for you, there is the nightlife, from discos to cabarets to restaurants. Seafood is a different sort of experience in Thailand, where the Thai culinary genius finds sublime expression.
Then there is the accommodation: everything from charming native-style bungalows at extraordinarily reasonable prices to firstclass resort hotels, many of them designed to blend in with their natural surroundings, giving guests the best of all worlds.
It's true. There may be places with bigger winds for windsurfing; there may be places with bigger sailfish; there may even be places with more exotic underwater dive sites -- but there are no better places than Thailand to windsurf, no better places to fish, and no better places to dive. That's because Thailand offers all of these things. And more. Much more.

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