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"A beautiful border town, southernmost of Siam" is the slogan of Yala province. The word "Yala" comes from a folk word "yalor", meaning "fishing net" because at the original site of the town, Yalor, there was a mountain shaped like a fishing net.

It was a low land and people earned their living by using fishing nets to catch fish. Eventually, many new towns were set up one after another until finally it moved to Nibong, which is its present location. (Nibong means a kind of tree called "laocha-on").

Yala is the southern most province of Thailand with on area of 4,521 square kilometres. It is 1,055 kms. from Bangkok by rail and 1,440 kms. by road. It is the only one of the 14 southern provinces that is not next to the sea. Yala is mostly mountains and covered with forests but has very little flat land.

From Yala city of nearby Provinces
- Narathiwat 128 kms.
- Pattani 35 kms.
- Songkhla 128 kms.

From Yala city to its districts
- Amphoe Bannang Sata 40 kms.
- Amphoe Betong 140 kms.
- Amphoe Kabang Subdistrict 45 kms.
- Amphoe Krongpinang Subdistrict 56 kms.
- Amphoe Raman 35 kms.
- Amphoe Yaha 50 kms.

Things to see & do sights & experiences


Kwang Muang Garden
This is another park in Yala. It is in the municipal area, about 300 metres from the Guardian Spirit House. This park of 207 rai was built when General Prem Tinasulanon was Prime Minister and he presided over the opening ceremony on July21, 1986. In the park, there are a sports field, a playground and a man made lake.

Phra Buddha Saiyas at Wat Khuhaphimuk
This temple is about 7 kms. from the township on the way to Yala-Hatyai. It is located at Tambon Nah Tham, Muang Yala. People usually call this temple "Wat Nah Tham"

San Chaophor Lak Muang (The house of Yala's Landmark Pole-believed to be Yala's guardian spirit)
It is situated in the middle of circle in front of Yala City Hall. This i the s place where Yala's landmark pole, is worshipped by the people. King Bhumipol Adulyadej ordered it to be built in 1961 and the construction was completed in 1962. The surrounding area is a beautiful park full of trees for people to spend their leisure time.

White Elephant Field Park

This park is situated in the heart of Yala town. The area of 80 Rai is decorated with plants and flowers. There are ponds with a roofed platform in the middle and miniature animal statues. During school breaks, there usually are a lot of activities for people to enjoy


Ban Lang Dam

The dam is located in Bachor town, Bannang Sata district, 60 kms. from Yala town on the road from Yala to Betong. It was built as a project of the Pattani river hydroelectric plant.

The scenery aboved the dam is impressively beautiful so a viewpoint has been built for people to come up and enjoy the panoramic scenery. There is accommodation for tourists. This dam has become an important attraction of Yala and the surrounding area.

Guelong Waterfall (Sukthalai Waterfall)
This waterfall is in the southern development self sustained community. Bannang Sata district, about 40 kms. from the town. It is about 8 kms. along the road branching left from the road which runs from Yala to Betong

Krasaeng Cave
This is a beautiful natural cave. There are many beautiful stalactites hanging from the roof. There are also other 3 nearby Look Om cave, Nam Lod cave and Phra cave. They are all in Bannang Satr district, about 8 kms. from town.


Betong Hot Spring
There is a hot spring in Jaroh Patai village, Tanoh Maeroh town. 4 kms. from Betong district, on the road branching right which runs for another 7 kms.The hot spring can hard boil an egg 7 minutes. It is also believed that the mineral water can cure skin diseases.

Inthasorn Waterfall
It is situated far from Hot Spring about 2 kms. It is a small waterfall originated from a mountain surrounded by a shady forest, suitable for swimming and relaxing.

Phra Mahathat Chedi Phra BuddhaDhamma Prakat

It is situated at Wat Putthathiwat on Rattanakit Rd. the structure of the stupa is an adaptation of Sriwichai style. It is 39 meters wide, 39.9 meters high, the stupa is considered the biggest and most beautiful in the south. It was built to mark Queen Sirikit's 60 th birthday.

Piyamit Tunnel
It is situated at Ban Piyamit 1, Tambol Tanohmaeroh, Amphoe Betong, 6 kms. from the hot spring. This village was first settle by a group of people that called Thailand Joint developers in 1976. Presently, this tunnels is open for public to visit its exhibitions of life in the jungle. Mushrooms and medical herbs from the forest are also on sale for visitors.

The world's largest mail-box

It is situated at the Clock Tower Intersection. It was built in 1924. The circumference of the base is 265 cm. and that of the box is 240 cm. The total height is 320 cm. At present, it is still used as an ordinary mail-box.

Betong Municipity Park
It's located on the hill in the center of Betong and hence. It is a beautiful scenic point in Betong Lined with trees, flowering plants, bird garden, health garden, stadium, swimming pool and Sala (pavilion) Piromtat, the park is an ideal place to excercise or simply relax.

The clock Tower
It is situated at the Intersection of the center of Betong town. It is a beautiful construction made of marble as old as the town itself.


Bukehpiloh Waterfall (Tawanrassamee Waterfall)
It is between Budi and Bannang Sareng. At the top of the hill, there is a waterfall said to be a rest area of the governor of Raman at the time when southern Thai border area was divided into seven towns.


Tarnto Waterfall Natural Park
This is at Tham Talu town, Tarnto district. It is a natural park and reserved forest with an area of 1,000 Rai, about 2 kms. along a dirt road branching off the road from Yala to Betong at about the 47-48 km. point. It was declared a natural park on October 1, 1960. The fall has nine levels.

La Ong Rung Waterfall
It's 40 kms. from Tarnto Waterfall National Park on Yala-Betong route and turn right at the bridge about 1.5 kms. The fall falling straight down over rock after reflect with the sunshine look like a beautiful rainbow.

Sakai Village
The village is in Moo 3, Ban Rae, Tarnto district about 80 kms. on the road from Yala to Betong. Deep in the mountains about 4 kms. from the main road is the habitat of the "ngoh" or "Sakai". There are altogether about 20-30 houses which are built of bamboo and has tharched roof. The people earn their living by growing rice and collecting forest products. At present, the village is being divided better housing for about 23 families to live in the same area and to plant 300 rai of good quality rubber tree and have requested that the Queen Mother for the surname "Sritarnto". Their children are now much better educated than before. They have border patrol police as

Festivals & events what's happening on the local scene


The Landmark Pole Celebration
is held yearly between May 25 and June 4. There are processions of Yala town. There are exhibitions, shop selling local products of the south and also southern Thai traditional entertainment such as shadow puppets, Monarch and a liege Hulu.

The ASEAN Dove Competition
is held on the last weekend of March every year. There are processions in the opening ceremony. Dove raising clubs from Malaysia, Singapore and every province in Thailand join the competition. On the days, there are exhibition and goods for sale, including those involving dover raising.

Yala Cultural Fair
Contest and sale of Shogun orange, longkong and durian fruits of Muang Yala. Kluayhin banana eating contest. Tour week of "Lake on mountain trip" week. The period of festival is about the first weekend of August every year.

Local flavor from food to handicrafts

Yala is well known for many distinctive ceramic and parawoods products including Shogun orange, Kluayhin, Betong chicken and Betong noodle.

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