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Amnat Charoen Buri Ram Chaiyaphum Kalasin Khon Kaen Loei Maha Sarakham
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Although geographically located in the Northeast, Loei has many things in common with the Northern region with numerous high hills and mountains, wintry and foggy climate. It is the only province in Thailand which has the dubious distinction of the mercury plummeting to zero Celcius. Loei is 520 kilometers from Bangkok.


In The City :

Phra That Si Song Rak
is located on the bank of Man River about one kilometer away from Amphoe Dan Sai. Constructed in 1560, it commemorates the mutual cooperation between Krung Sri Ayutthaya and Krung Sri Satana Kanahut (Vientiane). The structure is about 30 meters high and its annual celebrations are attened by thousands of people.

Phu Rua National Park 1,375 meters above sea level, is another majestic mountain with a vast pine-covered plateau on top. A cliff shaped like the bow of a Chinese junk juts out over the mountain. There are lodgings provided at the park and prior reservation is needed by contacting tel. 5790529, 5794842. The park is 59 kilometers from Loei or 9 kilometeres from Amphoe Phu Rua. There are buses leaving both from Loei and from Amphoe Lom Sak of Phetchahun to Phu Rua daily.

Kaeng Khut Khu rapid on the middle of the Maekhong River at Amphoe Chiang Khan creates a narrow but extremely swift current. Immersed in and smoothed by the rushing water for countless years, the rocks produce multi-colored scenes of unique beauty.

Wat Si Khun Muang is located to the North of the Chiang Khan market. The main chapel is shaped like those found in the North. The wall murals depict a religious legend.

Phu Luang Wildlife Sanctuary is located on the high plateau with an elevation of 1,550 meters. The area of Phu Luang covered several districts; Wang Saphung, Phu Rua, Dan Sai and Phu Luang. Travel 35 kilometers from Amphoe Wang Saphung to Huai Kung and take a walk to the Loan Tae tourist resting sopt, 7 kilometers away. Phu Luang forest is a blend forest of tropical and colder mate forest. Wild animals are abundant. Arranging for transportation, accommodation and sight-seeing is only by Phu Luang Tourist Office, Amphoe Wang Saphung Administrative Office. Prior reservation is advisable, Tel. (042) 841141. The sanctuary is close during June September for restoration.

Phu Kradung National Park is located on high plateau about seventy kilometers from Loei on the Khon Kaen - Loei Highway. Lush and fertile, it is the home of many types of wildlife. With an elevation of 1,325 meters, the Park is ideally suitable for cold climate plants and trees. Bungalows and tents are provided by the National Park Section, Forestry Department, and prior reservation should he made through tel. 5790029, 5794842 to ensure over night stay. As for private accommodations, the April Camping Co., Ltd. offers approximately 200 - 300 small bungalows each of which can accommodate two guests. For additional information and reservation, please contact Tel. 2700090.

Transportation to the Phu Kradung National Park :

Trains leave Bangkok Railway Station for Khon Kaen. From there take a Khon Kaen - Loei bus to the market in front of the Amphoe Phu Kradung Administrative Office. Next, a minibus to the office of the Phu Kradung National Park 5 kilometers away. This is the starting point of the trekking journey to the peak of the mountain. From there, a 5kilometers long footpath leads to "Lang Pae". Then, after 4-kilometer walk along a pasturage you will arrive at the bungalows on Phu Kradung. At your convenience, the office provides you with porters to carry your luggages to the mountaintop.

Bus from the Northeastern Bus 'Germinal in Bangkok (Mo Chit) also depart for Amphoe Phu Kradung Bus Terminal in Tambon Pha Nok Khao. From there take a loyal bus to the office of the Phu Kradung National Park, and trekking from there on to the top.

Phu Pha Man national Park is situated at Km.264 of Loei - Chum Phae Road not far from Pha Nok Khao. Attractions in the park include several caves with stalagmite and stalactite, prehistoric wall paintings and three beautiful waterfalls.

Phi Ta Khon festival - The festival has its origin in a traditional Buddhist tale. When Prince Vessandorn, the Buddha's penultimate incarnation, returned to his city, the welcoming procession was so delightful that spirits emerged to celebrate. Phi Ta Khon is celebrated largely by young men who dress as spirits to parade a sacred Buddha image and tease villagers, and monks reciting the story of the Buddha's last great incarnation before attaining Enlightenment. The festival is held during May or June every year.


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