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AUNG   Lunch / Dinner by Aungkam Northern Style Restaurant

Menu 1

Deep Fried Fish Fillet
Hang - Lay Curry
Fried Rice, Sticky Rice, or Steamed Rice Fruit,
Tea or Coffee 250 Baht per Person


Menu 2

Deep Fried Chicken with Crispy Ginger
Hang - Lay Curry

Stired Fried Fish with Mushroom
Fried, Steamed or Sticky Rice
Thai Desert and Fruit
Hot Tea or Coffee 380 Baht per Person


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" Welcome To Aungkam "

The Thai Word, Aungkam, Comes from the North of Thailand.
Aungkam is an Orchid type flower grown only in the North of Thailand.

Northern Style Thai Food is prepared similar to traditional Thai food; it is the selection of Vegetables, Spices, Fish, Poultry, and Other Meats that makes it distinctive from the other Thai Foods. In the north of Thailand, the area is vastly mountainous, and at times very cold. The vegetables used in Northern Thai food and predominately here at Aungkam, are grown Organically, without the use of chemical fertilizers or insecticides. Northern People call them, Wild Vegetables.

By comparison, Northern Food is Lower in Fat , Calories, and Cholesterol. Thai of course makes Northern Style Food Healthier, Easier to digest, and does not leave you feeling like you just ate a Cow. The authenticity of Northern Cooking here at Aungkam can be Guaranteed in that All of our Kitchen Staff were brought here from Chiang Mai.

Our Staff will do their best to serve you although they are not fluent in English. We have tried to explain the composition of each dish and have noted those that are Hot, Not Hot and Medium Hot. You can however , have a dish prepared Not Hot even if the menu suggests that traditionally it is.

In Thai Language, The word for Hot is Pet; Not Hot would be Mi Pet.

We hope you enjoy your meal here at Aungkam, and welcome any written Suggestions or Comments.


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