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WELCOME TO DIVANA SPA - Divana Massage & Spa, is located on Sukhumvit 25, behind the Glass Haus Bldg, just 50m. from the main street. We open daily from 11.00 am - 11.00 pm, with the last appointment at 09.00 pm

Divana would like to introduce the newly launched spa by Divana brand called "Divana Kaya, Aesthetique Spa", the perfect combination of exquisite treatments and a well balance of aesthetique and relaxation meet. It is located at 2 nd Fl., Centre Point at Wireless Rd. near Us Embassy in Bkk. At Divana Kaya, we offer spa treaments, Hair salon, and Nail Care... You will just select any services that match your will and let DIVANA KAYA take care of you all through the way.

... Welcome to Divana a gateway to the heart of Relaxation...

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Massage Therapy Body Treatment Spa Treatment -
Special Treatment
Spa Treatment -
Full Day Spa
Facial Treatment

Massage Therapy
Item Session (Minute) Special Rate (Baht)
Divana Foot Massage 70 950
Siamese Massage (Traditional Thai Massage) 100 1,150
Siamese Massage (Traditional Thai Massage) 130 1,500
Aromatherapy Body Massage 100 1,450
Aromatherapy Body Massage 130 1,850
Anti-Stress Massage 70 1,350
Deep Tissue Massage 100 1,750
Siamese Herbal Compress 100 1,650
Divana Oriental Body Massage 100 1,750
Slimming Body Massage 100 1,950
Touch of Divana (Four hands massage) 70 2,200
Touch of Divana (Four hands massage) 100 2,600
Body Treatment
Spa Sensational 130 2,350
Spa Exotique 150 2,950
Spa Elegance 180 3,550
Spa Treatment - Special Treatment
Spa for Massage Lover 180 3,450
Anti-cellulite Slimming Program 180 3,950
Spa Treatment - Full Day Spa
Spa Harmony 210 4,350
Spa Prestige 240 4,850
Spa Specialty 300 5,650
Facial Treatment
Anti-Stress (Aroma Facial Massage) 70 1,450
Herbal Facial Massage 70 1,450
Super Detoxify Facial Massage 70 1,450
Ultimate Divana's Facial 80 3,250

That great moment in life is beyond the time of victory over the world around. That grace is a time when you feed your body and enrich your mind successfully. To help ypu reach that marriage of body and soul, DIVANA brings the nourishing state for your body and soul alive.

Wisdom of body and soul healing are blended well on our wish and effort to comfort you physically and spirtually.

Let our sensational sessions heal you

Our alphabet of sound mind in sound body will bring your body and soul together smoothly.

As simple as A, B, C, ....., your will just select any services that match your will and let DIVANA take care of you all through the way.

  • Aromatherapy
  • Body Scrub with Wheat Germ
  • Coffee Bean Body Scrub
  • Detox and Body Massage
  • Exotica Spa Treatment Foot Reflexology
  • Foot Reflexology
  • Ginger Mud
  • Herbal Bath
  • and so on...

The art of heating from the ancient wisdom and well-trained team members at DIVANA could simply end up your fatigue and help you resume your freshness and joy at heart under one roof.

All natural ingredients for all DIVANA's heslthy sessions are carefully handpicked.

The fragrance, texture, liquidity and the effect of them will seep deeply to nourish you body and mind naturally.

The superiority of these materials includes their qualities, forms and functions. Our herbs, natural scrub, nourishing mud, naturally extracted oil and more are the best of their kind.

Moreover, artful artifacts at DIVANA create an atmosphere that makes all our programs fruitful.

In DIVANA's private spa suit room built up in natural setting, you will see how every sight, sound, and sensations could turn your day into a graceful time.

To make your healing last, DINAVA prepares takehome products like spa set for your convenience to create DIVANA-quality service at home, at will.

The living heritage

Our team members at DIVANA help keeping great healing heritage alive. Our therapists are well trained. Their attentive services are maximized for your health.

At DIVANA, aromatherapy, scrub & mask, Thai traditional massage, foot reflexology, even gritty foot polish are artful sessions.

They are performed by DIVANA's experts

Every technique, every move are meaningful for your comfort and freshness.

The entrance at your convenient grasp

From the very gateway, to healthy body and sound mind, to the completion of DIVANA's healing sessions, we are here to serve your care for your well being.

A 2-minute walk from bts's Asoke Station will bring you to DIVANA. That close, that easy, DIVANA is just like a time traveling gateway to the moment...,

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