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The name Aromavera is a combination of two key natural healing elements : aromatherapy and aloe vera. Aromatherapy is at the heart of almost all spa and mind, while aloe vera is the name of a local Thai herb that possesses high medical qualities able to heal the body from within.

Reflecting its name, Aromavera Spa's philosophy is to focus on healing ailments of the body and mind using natural compounds and elements found in oils, plants, flowers and trees-elements that are essential and beneficial to the health of the body, mind and spirit.

Aromavera Spa
212/286-296 Aromavera Building, Phattanakarn 64,
Phattanakarn Road,Pravej, bangkok 10250, Thailand

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Spa Pacakges
Item Session Special Rate (Baht)
Package 1 : Sweet Memory Spa 4 hrs. 4,600
Package 2 : Sensual Memory Spa 4 hrs. 30 mins. 3,500
Package 3 : Inspiration Spa 4 hrs. 30 mins. 4,200
Package 4 : Bridal Memory Spa 4 hrs. 30 mins. 5,000
Package 5 : Relax Spa Package 4 hrs. 30 mins. 5,200
Package 6 : Emotion & Mental Balance 4 hrs. 30 mins. 6,400
Spa Services
Package A 2 hrs. 15 mins. 2,500
Package B 2 hrs. 45 mins. 2,500
Package C 3 hrs. 15 mins. 2,700
Package D 3 hrs. 15 mins. 3,000
Package E 4 hrs. 45 mins. 4,900
Package F 5 hrs. 15 mins. 3,200

Turn-Key Services

Since 1997, Aromavera Co.,Ltd. has offered professional consultation services to the spa industry in Thailand, Europe and the Middle East in all aspects of spa development and operations. We specialize in developing unique, market-specific concepts for spas and spa products. Our professional teams of staff address every aspect of spa development and management to help business deliver an authentic spa experience to our clients.

With our experience in building and implementing business strategies for spas across Europe and Middle East, we can create customized tools for your business to refine its business objectives and increase its profitability. Effective and concise target marketing is vital in any business. We provide useful systems to help you grow and strengthen your spa business, communicating the spa's product through the use of appropriate in-house materials such as brochures and messaging, client feedback programs.

Key success factors for Spa business are servicing system, spa layout, equipment/product selection, therapeutic programming, marketing, quality control, monitoring, and training.

Dr. Paiboon Pilum-owad, is a spa consultant and holistic health expert. He is the founder of The Federation of Thai Spa, which is dedicated to enriching the professional Spa industry through collaboration with private and government sector, strategic planning, education and sound business practices.

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