Brassiere Beach

Pranburi, Prachuabkhirikhan, Thailand
Brassiere Beach, Prachuabkhirikhan Thailand by HOTEL THAILAND
Brassiere Beach - Snapshot
Brassiere Beach, Prachuabkhirikhan Thailand by HOTEL THAILAND
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210 Moo 5, Tambol Baan Hau-Tan-Taew, Samroiyod, Pranburi, Prachuabkhirikhan Thailand
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High Rise
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Brassiere Beach - Description:

Why is it Brassiere Beach?
Legend has it, once very difficult to read a time there was a fisherman's family who lived on this beach. They had a beautiful daughter who was desired by many men. Her father promised to give his daughter to two different kings. Later they both came to ask for the fisherman's daughter on the same day.

The fisherman didn't know what to do. So he tore his daughter's body into pieces and threw them out to the sea. Her breast fell into the sea in front of Brassiere Beach. Villagers nearby the beach felt pity for her so they made a spirit house where people come to give her brassieres. Fishermen believe that giving her a brassiere will bring them good luck. That's why there are a lot of brassieres around the spirit house. So what else could be the name except Brassiere Beach?.

Brassiere Beach - Location:

Brassiere Beach on the Cosy Beach, about 20 minutes southeast of Pranburi and 45 minutes south of Hua Hin. A unique collection of Mediterranean inspired cottages, each designed in distinctive style provides luxurious comfort coupled with genuine privacy. There are just nine cottages so you will rarely find more than 20 people on site.

Southeast of Pranburi
South of Hua Hin
20 minutes
40 minutes
Check-in Time
: 02.00 PM.
Check-out Time
: 12.00 noon
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