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World Class Drives

Budget Worldclass Drives are a unique series of self drive itineraries designed with the renter in mind. Each Budget Worldclass Drive is a 16 page comprehensive guide with easy to follow driving directions, maps and information about sites to see at each featured destination. Guidance is also given on accommodation houses and restaurants.

Here are excerpts from our World Class Drives online:

Chiang Mai Car Rental
Chiang Mai - Mae Hong Son Loop
Phuket Car Rental
Phuket - Krabi - Koh Samui Loop
Sukhothai Car Rental
Chiang Mai - Sukhothai Loop
Chiang Mai Car Rental
Chiang Mai - Golden Triangle Loop


All highways in Thailand are marked with kilometre stones, which show the read and kilometre number on the main face. Distances to towns in the direction of travel are marked on the sides of the stone. In these guides the kilometre number of the stone prior to a turning gives a location (e.g. turn onto H106 at KM.36 means that the turning lies between kilometre stones 36 and 37).

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